Friday, April 20, 2007

Not to get too schmaltzy, but...

At the halfway point in the conference, here are a couple things I have observed so far:

- Copy editors are so passionate about this work and about maintaining the integrity of it as we try to figure out our role in the future of journalism. That makes me hopeful.

- I have seen several students here who are interested in making this a career. They are asking questions, they are joining the conversation and they are serious about this. That makes me hopeful.


Matthew said...

This is great news and hopeful news. Hooray.

rknil said...

None of that will do any good, though, if copy editors can't do the work they should be doing.

ACES has done nothing to preserve what copy editing jobs should be. I doubt there is another line of work where the alleged leaders' attitude is: "Give us more work, but don't pay us any more. Don't respect us. Don't acknowledge what we bring to the table."