Friday, April 20, 2007

The "r" is silent in Deirdre

Education. It's what ACES is all about. :-)

Speaking of education, I learned a ton today. As a fairly recent graduate, I was excited to hear the exchange of ideas about journalism education at J School vs. Reality, and I was fascinated by the readership technology on display during Poynter's EyeTrack session.

Fun facts from EyeTrack07:
• Readers made it farther into stories of all lengths on the Web than in print.
• When tested for comprehension on the same set of facts presented three different ways (narrative, narrative/graphic hybrid and alternative story form), readers given the alternative story form scored highest.
• Readers like briefs, especially when they have a graphic element.

The star session this afternoon, though, was Editing Obituaries. Check out Jade Walker's Blog of Death when you get a chance.


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