Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do you want salsa with that

First, I think if John Boogert works up his act a little, he could take it on the road.
Second, who said copy editors can't dance. (OK, I know; I saw the same thing you did.)
Third, it's not over until the ... lady sings ... and who knows, I might do that at tonight's party. See you there!
And remember, as Chris said, what happened at ACES Miami shouldn't stay in Miami. Take all of the training and the ideas and the will to improve back home to your copy desks. It was nice to have so many of you speak up today about how we all can deal with the changes in the industry, keep the role of the copy desk vital and be at the forefront of any changes.
Now, go west ACES members ... to Denver. But not before we have a little bit of fun tonight.

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