Friday, April 20, 2007

A Voice for Copy Editors

At yesterday's opening session (can you tell I worked for a weekly?), ACES president Chris Wienandt seemed to feel awkward about saying he was "moved" every year at seeing hundreds of copy editors together. No need to be embarrassed, Chris! Many of us feel the same way, and it doesn't change. In Chapel Hill (first conference, 1997), the opening reception was the first event. As I approached the large room where it was being held, a wave of doubt came over me. What would it feel like to be in a room full of copy editors? Would we find something to talk about with each other? Would it perhaps be a little depressing?

The instant I walked through the doors, doubt was washed away by the wave of energy in the room. There were well over a hundred copy editors laughing and talking animatedly. It was indeed moving, and I thought right away that a national organization for copy editors--something that would give us a voice--was a great idea. And so it is!

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